Escape the Fate’s Craig Mabbitt Talks New Music, Uproar [Video]

Interview by Anne Erickson

Escape the Fate vocalist says new music is on the horizon

Emerging from Las Vegas, the post-hardcore boys of Escape the Fate are known, above all, for their energetic and innate live show. On the band’s latest full-length, 2010’s self-titled release, frontman Craig Mabbitt and company meld electronic textures with heavy, hard rock riffs and pleasing pop harmonies, resulting in a refined yet darkly ominous compilation of songs.

Escape the Fate landed a prime spot on this season’s Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival, opening the main stage every night. A few hours before the tour’s stop in Detroit, Mich., Mabbitt checked in to talk about the band’s current single, “Gorgeous Nightmare,” and how surreal it felt to play Los Angeles’ famed Sunset Strip Music Festival with Motley Crue.

When asked what it’s like touring the U.S. on Uproar, Mabbitt said, “So far, it’s been nothing short of phenomenal for us. Great artists, and we got the chance to open up the main stage, so that’s really cool for us. It’s just been awesome.” As for playing the Sunset Strip Music Festival with Motley Crue this summer, “That was amazing. That’s a band a lot of the dudes in [our] band look up to. And Vince Neil was side stage watching the band a little bit, so that was really a cool feeling, to look over see someone of that stature watching us.”

Regarding Escape the Fate’s new music video for, “Gorgeous Nightmare,” Mabbitt says it more than fulfilled the band’s vision for the video. “We definitely wanted to do something different. A little more artistic, sexy… So, I think we got that across in this one. It was good working with Robby [Starbuck], and… we’re all happy with the final product.”

After Uproar, Mabbitt says the guys will “fly straight over the UK to tour with Funeral for a Friend, and then we might do a few headlining dates in Europe and head back home, have some time off for the holidays and then we’re putting together another headlining tour right now. Then, [we’ll] probably hit the studio right after that [to record] some new material.”

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