Lacuna Coil to Release ‘Dark Adrenaline’ Next Year


Lacuna Coil have finished recording their latest metal concoction

Italian female-fronted metal group Lacuna Coil have set Jan. 24 as the release date for their upcoming album, Dark Adrenaline. Recorded by mega producer Don Gilmore (Linkin Park, Bullet for My Valentine), the album’s debut single, “Trip the Darkness,” will arrive digitally Oct. 11 in the U.S. and Oct. 17 in Europe.

Those hoping this means the majestic Cristina Scabbia and her clan will travel back to the states to rock clubs and concert venues are right, as Lacuna Coil will tour in North America in support of Dark Adrenaline early next year. Tour dates are expected to drop in the coming weeks.

As for the collaboration with Gilmore, co-vocalist Andrea Ferro recently told Revolver (via Blabbermouth) that Ferro was a crucial part of the writing and recording techniques. “After you’ve spent a few months constantly working on the songs, it’s important to have someone like Don come in and give you a sincere opinion of the songs. He is helping us in keeping things fresh and getting our sound together for 2011. Most of the songs haven’t really changed in essence, but he is really good at outlining the most important and interesting details of the music and the lyrics. He also creates a really great vibe while recording.”

Musically, expect a combination of ambient and goth textures on the metal effort. “There’s a variety of moods; some things which are new, and some which sound like more traditional Lacuna Coil,” Ferro said. “We were experimenting with the previous album and we learned a lot from that about what is the essence of our ‘sound.’ We usually never repeat the same record, and that will again be the case this time around. It’s 100 percent a Lacuna Coil album, with the benefit of some great inspiration during the songwriting process.”




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