Mark Tremonti Talks Madness, Creed and Starting His Own Record Label [Interview]

Story by Anne Erickson

Mark Tremonti steps into the role of lead vocalist with solo project

Alter Bridge wrap up their run on the famed Carnival of Madness Tour this Sunday (Sept. 18) in Dayton, Ohio, ending over a month of touring with rock comrades Theory of a Deadman, Adelita’s Way, Black Stone Cherry and Emphatic. Guitarist Mark Tremonti says after Carnival of Madness, he’ll focus on a solo album, plus work with Creed. For the first time, he’s stepping into the role of lead singer on the solo release, in addition to his usual hard-edged riffing.

“I’ve been a songwriter since I was a kid, and it’s fun to sing it exactly how it sounds in your head,” he said. “When I was younger, I was a bad singer, but after being a songwriter all these years, I think I’ve just improved and finally gotten to the point where I’m comfortable with singing the lyrics on my own.”

The album — which features Tremonti, Eric Friedman (guitar, bass) and Garrett Whitlock (drums) — is set to pop up online in January. But, this won’t be a typical album release trajectory: “We’re going to do it the unconventional way, in that we’re doing a couple of songs a month for four to six months and then releasing the album after that.

“We’re also going to try to do it through, a company my brother and I started to publish instructional DVDs, and now we’re going to try to turn it into a record label.”

As for Creed, this time is now. Tremonti will get back together with Scott Stapp, Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips next year to start working on a new album and tour. “We plan on doing a lot of touring next year, and we’ll either write as we’re touring or write beforehand. It’s still kind of up in the air.”

Alter Bridge, he says, will reunite in 2013 for another album: “We usually take just about two years before we put a new record out.”

The band’s current single, “Ghost of Days Gone By,” is hugging the top of the rock charts.

“That song started with the guitar line and verse, and we built the song around that, but it went through a lot of changes,” Tremonti said. “It was one of the harder ones to put together. As for the subject matter, it’s about losing that childhood innocence and becoming kind of jaded as you become older. But, it was one of our favorites on the record, and we’re glad it came out on the radio.”

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  1. Diane Petrongolo
    17 Sep 2011, 12:46 pm

    I love watching Mark come alive on stage and really impressed with his spirit and drive to progress to new levels. I always said, “fear stagnates” and the fact that he never thought he had a good singing voice, but his gumption (sp?) and will to put it out there is totally comendable (again sp? lolol)… Good Luck, Babes, & Rock On!!! :D

  2. Mark Delgado
    17 Sep 2011, 6:31 pm

    Can’t wait for the new album of CREED. Wooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! CREED ROCKS!!!!!!! \m/

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