Nightwish Say New Song is a Version of Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’


Upcoming Nightwish album is a celebration of life and existence

Fans of symphonic metal propelled by gutsy, operatic female vocals will surely rejoice at the news Finnish and Swedish metallers Nightwish will release their latest metal collection, Imaginaerum, in North America on Jan. 10. The set will arrive on popular rock and metal label Roadrunner Records in the U.S. As for overseas releases, Imaginaerum will drop in Finland on Nov. 30 and the rest of Europe on Dec. 2 on metal marque Nuclear Blast Records.

Keyboardist and frontman Tuomas Holopainen recently told the U.K.’s Metal Hammer that every track on the release follows a unique storyline. “Since we’re doing the movie thing, every song on this album is composed to a certain story, so that’s how it all sounded. The movie needed an intro of winter landscapes and all that, and I wanted to give it an exotic touch of being in Finnish.”

Following the tradition of many Nightwish albums, Imaginaerum is a “dramatic album about the celebration of life and existence,” with elongated metal passages and symphonic textures. Each song pushed Nightwish beyond anything they’ve done before. “You want to challenge yourself to do something that you have absolutely no idea about, and none of us know anything about jazz,” Holopainen said. “Our drummer even had to take some lessons to learn how to use the brush. It all started when I started watching ‘Twin Peaks’ again. I just loved the soundtrack and thought, ‘Could we do something like that?’”

The album also features a tune called ‘Scaretale’ that Holopainen calls Nightwish’s version of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”: “When it comes to the lyrics, it’s all about childhood nightmares.” The following track, “Arabesque,” is a “catharsis to ‘Scaretale,’ and it’s one of the scenes that the movie desperately needed, so that’s why it’s there.”




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