‘Pearl Jam Twenty’ Box Office Totals

Pearl Jam Twenty finishes No. 1 at the box office for its category

Pearl Jam’s pioneering grunge debut, Ten, was unbridled Aug. 27, 1991, and has gone on to sell nearly 10 million copies worldwide. To this day, Ten is recognized as one of the most significant albums in early 1990s alternative music and a symbol of Pearl Jam’s strength and refusal to conform to any musical expectations or guidelines.

The new Pearl Jam documentary, Pearl Jam Twenty, was released last weekend to a handful of theaters nationwide, and fans of the rockers were loyal. According to GrungeReport.net, the move made $280,343 over the weekend (Sept. 23-25). That makes it the No. 1 movie in “platform theaters of 99 or less,” reports BoxOffice.com. So, Pearl Jam is No. 1 again. Grunge on!

For those who can’t wait to get their eyes and ears on the Cameron Crowe-directed documentary in the comfort of their own homes, Pearl Jam Twenty will be available on DVD/Blu-ray Oct. 25. The movie will also play Oct. 21 on PBS, as part of the series American Masters. The documentary will arrive as a standard, single disc with 30-minutes of bonus footage, or as a three-disc “deluxe set” package.

The “deluxe set” packs over four hours of extra footage. Disc one is the basic film, Pearl Jam Twenty, plus bonus footage. Disc two is The Kids Are Twenty, an alternate version of the flick, with more performance clips. Disc three is an 80-minute fan documentary, The Fans Are Alright. Find the “deluxe set” exclusively at Pearl Jam’s official website. Who knows if any shots will include the guys of Pearl Jam in their PJs.


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