Staind Singer Aaron Lewis, Crossfade Recall Nirvana’s Nevermind


Staind and Crossfade comment on the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s Nevermind

When Nirvana released their ubiquitous Nevermind album in 1991, it was a massive move that slashed through the mainstream and immediately made everything else out there seem obsolete. Of course, the fact Nevermind turns 20 on Saturday (Sept. 24) is enough to make any ‘90s music fan feel a little over-the-hill. At one time, songs like “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “Polly” were so fresh, so novel and so young, it seemed unimaginable that this music would ever age.

But aged, it has, and sometimes, knowing it’s been 20 years since Nirvana started the grunge rock movement simply makes you feel old. “My thoughts are… ‘I’m getting old!’” laughed Staind frontman Aaron Lewis, when Audio Ink Radio gave him the news. “That’s my knee-jerk reaction to that little tidbit of information. [Laughs]”

Crossfade guitarist Les Hall agrees with Lewis: The fact that Nevermind turns 20 on Saturday is a shocker. “My thought is, ‘I can’t believe it’s been twenty years since that came out.’ That’s crazy,” he said. “That makes me feel old. So, that’s my thought!”

Say you want to relive the Nevermind collection or just get your ears on some unreleased tracks? The official Nevermind reissue drops Sept. 27 and is available exclusively through Best Buy until Oct. 24, packing four CDs and one DVD set. The set costs $136, but it packs everything from a remastered original album to boombox tapes of band rehearsals from Tacoma, Wash. Only 10,000 copies will be available in North America, and another 30,000 for the rest of the world.A tad too pricey? A two-CD deluxe edition ($20) and a remastered ‘Nevermind’ ($11) also are available. A special Nirvana concert will also air tonight (Sept. 23) on VH1 Classic. (Photo credit: Kirk Weddle.)


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