Staind ‘Not Again’ Brings Bleak, Heavy Quality – Video Review [Watch]

Review by Anne Erickson

Aaron Lewis and Staind rock out to dim atmospheres in the video for ‘Not Again’

Taking a few years off for Aaron Lewis to mingle in the county world doesn’t send Staind into a tailspin in the least. By now, Staind know how to make the kind of music their post-grunge fans adore, and they’re able to modernize their outer layer while preserving their inner core. Their new tracks are characterized by their focus on everything heavy, both within individual songs and the collection as a whole.

Staind’s new single, “Not Again,” off their upcoming self-titled album (out Sept. 13) is up to No. 4 on the active rock chart, and climbing. Now, the guys have released the official music video, and it’s a simple, wistful collection of shots of the band performing live in a post-apocalyptic, industrial wasteland, solely focusing on the band’s ability to deliver a heavy, live presentation. There’s no showiness here; the video is all about the men of Staind and their evolution. This extends to Lewis, who merely serves the purposes of the song like the old pro he now is. Watch the video, below.

Paul R. Brown (Motley Crue, Stone Sour) directed the clip, and in it, he takes cues from classic Smashing Pumpkins videos, with the black and white, cinematic filming. While the backdrop is black and white, splashes of color move across the screen, making the video a trippy experience. Not much changes from beginning to end, but the video is buoyed by Lewis, guitarist Mike Mushok and company’s delivery.

Considering Staind’s new album is one of the most anticipated in rock this year, the band could have gone with a much more complicated music video, complete with bells and whistles. Instead, they went bare-minimum, with a concept that lets them shine, and a picturesque backdrop of deserted factory buildings and grim, bleak shades of gray. The bleak surroundings fit the words of the song: “Denial isn’t the way to forgiveness / You always swore that I was wrong / Not again / No taste for the crow you feed me.”

Staind’s new album drops on Atlantic Records (internationally on Roadrunner). Staind tapped Illusion of Progress producer Johnny K (3 Doors Down, Disturbed) on the release, as well as engineer Chris Lord-Alge. 

Ink Rating: 4 out of 5 Guitar Splatters


Watch Staind’s Official Music Video for, ‘Not Again’:

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