Coldplay Members Don’t Feel Pressure to Sell Millions of Albums


Story by Charles Ken

Coldplay drummer says band’s sense of achievement comes from ‘making the best record possible’

Coldplay’s just-released album, Mylo Xyloto, is expected to push more than a healthy number of copies worldwide. Just look at the band’s consistent track record since their 2000 breakthrough single, “Yellow,” which hurtled Coldplay into the spotlight, bringing introspective, Brit-pop to the multitudes. Coldplay have sold over 50 million albums since.

Regardless of the obvious fact Coldplay’s latest collection will top the charts, drummer Will Champion maintains that the gents don’t measure success by downloads or album sales. Speaking with Digital Spy, Champion explained that, “We’ve [learned] now — especially given the climate — not to think about it too much. The sense of achievement we get comes from knowing we’ve tried to make the best record possible.

“I think that’s the only real measure now. The days of selling tens of millions of copies has gone, so there’s no point using that yard stick anymore. Of course, something inside us will still be keeping an eye on that.”

He added that Coldplay’s label, EMI, doesn’t pressure the band to hit a certain benchmark sales number. “The pressure is self-inflicted to keep going,” he added. “We’re fully aware that there are millions of people who’d love to be in our position, so we’re going to make the best of it.” Although Coldplay, clearly, are self-assured in their craft, frontman Chris Martin recently stated that he doesn’t know if the guys will do a “proper tour” in support of Mylo Xyloto, and he’s waiting to see if there’s enough demand. Something tells us Coldplay fans won’t have that, Martin! (Photo credit: Miller via Coldplay’s Facebook.)


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