Family Force 5 Guitarist Talks Warped Tour, New LP ‘III’ [Interview]


Story by Anne Erickson

Family Force 5 release their latest album, III, this week

Atlanta-based quintet Family Force 5 gut out high-energy crunk and alternative pop, an animated mix that’s undeniably danceable and cool. Since their 2006 debut, Business Up Front/Party in the Back, FF5 have fleshed out a central ground between Christian and mainstream rock music, crafting goofy, friendly albums that mix pop, hip-hop, Christian rock and electro. They’ve also toured relentlessly, including a lengthy run on this year’s Vans Warped Tour.

Family Force 5 release their new album, III, this week, and Derek Mount, aka. Chap Stique, checked in with Audio Ink Radio to talk about the new album, their upcoming “It’s All Gold” Tour and how faith plays into their music and lifestyle.

Why did you pick a simple title, III, for the new album?

I think three is huge and epic and has all kinds of symbolism. The fact it’s our third studio release made it a good fit, too, and we thought it was time to have something poignant and to the point. It’s powerful and concise.

Would you say this album is a throwback to your first album?

I think it has certain elements from the first, with big guitar riffs and huge beats. The melodies are a throwback, but overall, it’s a new sound for us, too. It’s a new venture, and it brings back elements of, Business Up Front/Party in the Back, but it’s also a different sound.

What was the recording process like for, III?

It was crazy! We recorded everywhere, because we kept changing our minds and second guessing where to record. When you have five writers, it makes it tough to agree on one thing. We recorded in airports, on the tour bus and in random bathrooms because they sounded good. A lot of times, when we were on the road, we would find the closest plug and plug in our computer and get going. We did go into a couple of studios, too, so it was a hodgepodge way of recording, and I think it resulted in a very cool-sounding album.

What’s it like to be a Christian band on the Warped Tour?

It’s amazing. We’re so used to it, because Family Force 5 grew up playing bars and clubs. We don’t view those tours any differently. The only main difference is that we don’t get to shower much on Warped Tour. [Laughs] It’s awesome that we’re able to be accepted in many different environments, but we don’t necessarily treat the mainstream tours differently.

How much does your faith play into your music?

We view the word Christian as a noun instead of an adjective. It certainly plays big role in our lives and who we are, but a lot of songs on our albums are also about breakdancing and breaking up with girls. We end up just writing something we think it great and put out what we think is best, and there are no boundaries with our music. But, being Christians is a big part of who we are. We hope it comes through, but we don’t have an agenda and we’re not trying to convert anybody.

Tell me about the upcoming, “It’s All Gold Tour.”

We’re going back to smaller clubs on this tour, and it’s been a while since we’ve done that, so we’re paying homage to our roots in dirty, sweaty rock clubs. We’re playing the new songs, so it’s going to be amazing. We’ll have some antics and cool outfits, and I think we’re playing the longest set Family Force 5 has ever played on tour. We’re really excited. Photo credit: Angela Morris

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