Jane’s Addiction’s Perry Ferrell: You Can’t Ask the World to Love You


Story by Cat Badra

Alternative rock band Jane’s Addiction count down to the release of, The Great Escape Artist

Jane’s Addiction’s first release in eight years, The Great Escape Artist, arrives Tuesday (Oct. 18), and with oodles of grunge and a bit of glam, the assemblage captures meat-and-potatoes Jane’s. The release was supposed to drop weeks ago, so the fact it’s finally (almost) here is met with much anticipation and eagerness. The album is currently available to stream in its entirety on iTunes.

While Jane’s Addiction have always displayed a “best buddy” persona, frontman Perry Ferrell says that the guys never really hung out as friends until this year. “Socially, we’ve never really hung out, although these days, I’m inviting the guys to things that I do just because I love ’em,” Ferrell told CNN.

“But we definitely go to different parts of the universe. Some bands, they all have to like the same thing, and as a result, the sound is very linear, and once the time passes, they sound dated,” he added. “When it comes to our prescription, we like to have different elements of music and influence coming together. That’s what makes a new sound.”

When asked whether he thinks people are “meaner” now than they were when Jane’s started hitting the pavement in the ‘80s, he says, that’s pretty true. “Back in the old days, there was no ‘commenting’ section,” he said. “Whatever comments you had were up here (points to his head), or you told your friend. It wasn’t like public fodder. So yeah, people are meaner now. Sure. But you’ve got to take the attitude of, ‘OK, we’re in a blessed position.’ You can’t ask the world to entirely love you.”




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