My Chemical Romance Singer Gerard Way Explains Red Hair


Story by Charles Ken

My Chemical Romance frontman loves his bright locks

The dudes of My Chemical Romance have never been ones to conform to customs or norms, so it was hardly a shocker when frontman Gerard Way, 34, decided to dye his hair the brightest shade of red he could find earlier this year. What was the real motivation behind the rosy hue? Speaking with, Way explained he took his hair color to the extreme because he “didn’t want to conform to thirty-something rock culture.”

He added that going cartoon-red was his way of going back in time. “I wanted to get back to where I was as a kid in high school and art school, when I was discovering things and rebelling against things,” he said. “[And I thought] we won’t get put on certain magazine covers because now we don’t confirm to a certain idea of ‘handsomeness.'”

Way, who is a happily married to lovely Mindless Self Indulgence bass player and backbend extraordinaire LynZ, also chatted about his social life. As for partying, he says he wouldn’t miss the chance to hang out with West London rock outfit the Vaccines. When asked who would be the “ultimate guest” for a hypothetical big bash, Way responded, “I’m going to go ahead and say the Vaccines. If we had a party, we’d invite the Vaccines.”

My Chemical Romance parted ways with drummer Michael Pedicone last summer, and the guys recently announced that Jarrod Alexander would be the latest touring drummer for the rest of the band’s North American tour. (Photo: My Chemical Romance via Facebook.)




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