Radiohead’s Thom Yorke Promises New Material in 2012


Story by Cat Badra

Radiohead plan to hit the studio by year’s end

New Radiohead is just around the bend, as the beloved alternative rock band plan to hit an Oxford studio by the end of this year and put their heads together to craft new material. The report comes straight from the lips of always-eccentric frontman Thom Yorke.

“We can get things together quite rapidly at the moment,” Yorke told Rolling Stone, after promising post-The King of Limbs Radiohead tracks soon. He added that a particular song is already almost good to go, “Come to Your Senses”: “We have this version of it. It’s a five-minute rehearsal, but it has the essence of what we need. There are a few of those. It would be fun to have them ready when we go to play next year.”

Yorke went on to say he’s not sure how the band will release the songs, which is hardly a revelation, since Radiohead are known for their unorthodox ways of getting tracks out. “It would be nice to make it all part of the flow and just enjoy it – not think about it too much,” he said.

Radiohead will also tour next year, and apparently, the only reason they didn’t tour much in 2011 is because their added drummer, Clive Deamer, was on tour with Portishead. As if that weren’t enough alt-rock mayhem, Yorke, 43, is set on finishing his new Atoms for Peace album before the end of the year. The project also features Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich and bassist Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Yorke says he and Godrich were “excited about [the Atoms for Peace album] for so long, then we kind of lost our way. So we’re taking some steps back.”




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