The Black Keys Announce New Album Via Used Van Ad [Video]


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The Black Keys set a release date for their album, El Camino

The Black Keys have always displayed a knee-slapping sense of humor. While most bands announce album releases and tours via typical methods — such as press releases, Tweet and status updates — the duo of Dan Auerbach and Pat Carney are anything but conventional, and that’s why they took to YouTube to announce the release of their seventh studio album, El Camino. The release will drop on Dec. 6 via Nonesuch.

The video announcement features comedian Bob Odenkirk playing a scoundrel of a used car salesman from Akron, Ohio, the band’s hometown, offering up an elegant (not really) 1994 El Camino van. Of course, plenty of laugh-out-loud moments ensue. More information on this prized van is available at Fans can also call a northeast Ohio phone number (330-510-1206) to listen to a message from drummer Patrick Carney explaining van details. Leave it to the always-smarty pants Keys to put together an authentic used van campaign behind the video.

El Camino is the Black Keys’ follow-up to 2010’s Brothers and features knob-twiddling duties from producer Danger Mouse, who worked on the band’s 2008 album, Attack and Release. Brother has sold a whopping 847,000 copies to date, according to numbers from Nielsen SoundScan. The first single from the new album, “Lonely Boy,” is due out Oct. 26, which is a good thing, since December seems a long ways to wait for new Keys. Other named tracks on the release include “Dead and Gone,” “Mind Eraser,” “Gold on the Ceiling” and “Run Right Back.” Expect tunes in the traditions of the Clash and the Cramps, as the duo have often site those pioneers as influences.

Watch the Black Keys’ ‘El Camino’ Ad:


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