Trivium, ‘Built to Fall,’ Blisters the Brain – Song Review [Audio]


Review by Anne Erickson

Trivium’s latest single packs thrillingly sharp guitars

Trivium are long known in the heavy metal community for precise, cutting guitar work, both pungently fierce and technical. The Orlando, Fla., band’s latest album, In Waves, presents a neo-thrash collection of aggressive, sonic masterpieces, and it’s a keeper, entering the Billboard 200 chart at a sky-high No. 13 in August.

Trivium’s recently released single from the album, “Built to Fall,” is one of the band’s strongest radio tracks to date. ”Built to Fall” delivers a keenly brutal and precise sound, with a wall-of-guitars musical style and lead singer and guitarist Matt Heafy’s youthful, virile pipes.

“Built to Fall” launches off with thrillingly sharp guitars that blister the brain, before Heafy breaks in with an accusation, singing, “You are the cancer spreading its wings / So selfishly unaware to the things your existence is doing to my well being/ I feel my heart leaking.”

As the bridge builds with ascending guitar lines, the chorus breaks in and Heafy declares, “Take away every single pain / That infects each and every day  / I will bury you once and for all / You’re a monster, you’re built to fall / You’re built to fall.”

Throughout the track, it’s clear Trivium are a preposterously tight quartet, as they unfetter electrifying dual guitar segments and bashing kick drum gallops. Fans of classic metal should find lots to enjoy in the song’s fusion of early thrash, modern metal-core and a touch of progressive metal.

Trivium are currently playing their scorching metal in the states, on tour with Roadrunner Records label-mates Dream Theater. That fling wraps Oct. 27, and then, the tough guys will close out 2011 with a run of shows in Europe. Expect another round of U.S. tour dates next year.

Ink Rating: 4 out of 5 Guitar Gauges


Listen to Trivium’s ‘Built to Fall,’ via the Lyric Video, Below:

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