Coldplay’s Will Champion: If One of Us is Down, We Play the Smiths


Story by Charles Ken

Coldplay score a No. 1 hit with, ‘Paradise’

Coldplay seem like agreeable chums, with their laid-back, adult alternative rock tunes and seemingly untarnished rise to the top of the modern music game. But, when it comes to major band decisions, such as whether or not to play The X-Factor, the guys don’t always see eye to eye.

Speaking with the U.K.’s Q, Coldplay singer Chris Martin explained that the band were divided over whether or not to play the popular reality show. “Sometimes the things that you’re offered split the band and that always means you end up not doing them,” Martin said. “I think half of us would love to play The X-Factor and half of us say that’s a bad idea… Me Phil [Harvey, band’s manager and unofficial member], Jonny [Buckland] would probably do anything.”

There’s still no official word on whether Coldplay will grace The X-Factor‘s stage, but one thing is for sure: The guys aren’t in a tiff over it. Coldplay drummer Will Champion says that whenever the guys start to disagree on something, or simply find themselves in a bad mood, jamming out to the Smiths offers a quick fix. “If one of us is down about something generally it can be resolved by grabbing some guitars and playing a Smiths song,” he said.

In other Coldplay news, the band’s current single, “Paradise,” off Mylo Xyloto moved from No. 2 up to the top spot on the alternative songs radio chart this past week, swapping spots with Bush’s longstanding No. 1 track, “The Sound of Winter.” Coldplay’s next single, “Charlie Brown,” recently arrived on radio, so expect to hear the jam in regular rotation on your favorite alternative rock station soon.


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