Egypt Central’s John Falls Gives Super Bowl Predictions [Interview]


Story by Anne Erickson

Ready for some football? Hard rockers Egypt Central want to get you in the game day spirit.

Football and rock music go together like peanut butter and jelly. That’s why it’s picture-perfect that Memphis-based rock band Egypt Central’s heavy music is being rocked out of speakers at home games for a collection of NFL teams this fall. Their latest single, “Kick Ass,” is also the Baltimore Ravens’ official kickoff song.

The song is off Egypt Central’s latest full-length, White Rabbit, an album jam-packed with ferocious hard rock and enough ballads to please the lighter crowds. Lead singer John Falls checked in with Audio Ink Radio to talk about the new single and give his Super Bowl picks. Read what he had to say, below!

Your new single, “Kick Ass,” is being played by a ton of NFL teams right now. Are you guys big football fans?

We’re all huge football fans. Anything related to football is awesome, and to have that song associated with the sport is incredible to us.

So, who’s going to the Super Bowl this year?

[Laughs] It could easily be Green Bay vs. Baltimore.

What’s it like hearing the song in football stadiums?

We actually haven’t had a chance to do that, because we’ve been so busy. We’ve seen it on video and TV, but we haven’t actually sat in a stadium and listened to it.

You’re touring with Pop Evil, then Hinder and also doing some dates with Red Jumpsuit Apparatus this fall. Are you pretty much already friends with the bands?

Yeah, we know Hinder very well. As far as Red Jumpsuit, we played three shows together this year, so we’re getting to know each other. We’re excited to have a month to hang out with those guys. With Pop Evil, we toured together a lot really early on, and the last couple of years we haven’t had a chance to tour with them, so we’re old friends for a longtime ago, and that makes touring a fun experience for both bands. The last couple of years, we’ve only seen those guys at festivals, so it’s cool to be out with them again.

White Rabbit is the name of your current album and the first single. Does the idea of being the “white rabbit” hold a special meaning to you?

“White Rabbit,” the song, encompasses everything we went through to get from the first record to the second. There were a lot of dead end roads left by people who used to work for the band, and we had to made a collective decision to move away from that. It’s about the awakening of the band and seeing these things that had been going on and having the strength and courage to move on. (Photo credit: Jeff Chanault.) 




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