Lacuna Coil’s Cristina Scabbia: New Album is Heavier and Darker


Story by Cat Badra

Lacuna Coil frontwoman gives insight into new album

Italian metallers Lacuna Coil are still a few months away from the Jan. 24 release of their new album, the Don Gilmore-produced (Linkin Park, Pearl Jam) Dark Adrenaline, out on Century Media Records. But, frontwoman Cristina Scabbia is wasting no minutes getting the word out about the release, and she says to expect “heavier and darker” tracks than what live on Lacuna Coil’s previous LPs. Heavier and darker? Sounds like a win-win for Lacuna Coil’s hard-hitting metal fans.

Speaking with Revolver, Scabbia explained the group, “basically felt free to do what we wanted to in the songwriting period” on Dark Adrenaline. “We wrote a little bit of everything ’cause we didn’t really know what clear direction we wanted to follow.

“We know that we wanted to go heavier and darker, because that’s we like, that’s what we are, but we felt free to throw every idea in the pot. And that gave us an amazing feeling because we were all like, ‘Wow, we are in the position where we can be free to do whatever we want because we never got any pressure from the label or anything.’ …”

Lacuna Coil have also released the creepy cover art for Dark Adrenaline, which you can check out, above. With a medicine-laced theme, it reminds us a tad of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’, I’m With You, mindset, with a darker edge. Next up, Scabbia is itching to get back on the road: “You know, I love touring because, if you love music, if you’re passionate about it, it’s the best job in the world, you know?”


Cat Badra
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