Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind: The Singles’ Gets Black Friday Release


Story by Anne Erickson

Nirvana singles get the royal treatment on Black Friday

As difficult as it is to believe, Black Friday is here, and that means the Christmas shopping season is officially upon us. While some family members and friends on your list may be easy to cover, others are likely tricky. So, what do you get the ultimate grunge fan for the holidays?

The smart folks behind National Record Store Day are releasing what might be the perfect gift for any grunge enthusiast on your list: Nevermind: The Singles. This special box set — out on Black Friday (Nov. 25) as part of National Record Store Day’s exclusive “Back to Black Friday” specials — packs the four 10” vinyl singles from Nirvana‘s celebrated Nevermind album. This is the first time these official singles have been packaged together, and they arrive housed in an individually numbered slipcase, making the set extra unique.

As for specific tracks, the set brings together vinyl single editions of “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” “Come as You Are,” “Lithium” and “In Bloom,” and those vinyl records pack additional singles. The “Smells Like Teen Spirit” single includes “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” “Drain You,” “Even In His Youth” and “Aneurysm”; the “Come as You Are” single brings “Come as You Are,” “Endless, Nameless,” “School” (live) and “Drain You” (live); the “Lithium” single includes “Lithium,” “Been a Son” (live), “Curmudgeon” and “D7” (John Peel BBC radio session); and the “In Bloom” single offers “In Bloom,” “Sliver” (live) and “Polly” (live). That’s a lot of Nirvana.

If you want the collection, you’d better act fast, because the release is limited to just 5,000 copies worldwide. For a list of local stores that participate in National Record Store Day events, such as “Back to Black Friday,” visit the event’s official website. Also, remember not all stores listed stock all items, so it’s a good idea to call in advance to make sure your local shop stocks the item you want to pick up.

In other Nirvana news, bass player Krist Novoselic recently stood up for Dave Grohl, speaking out against Courtney Love‘s public rants about the former Nirvana drummer. Read what he had to say on the news page. We love to see a fellow Nirvana member standing up for his musical brother! (Photo via




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  1. Joe
    04 Dec 2011, 3:56 pm

    What a waste of paper (all that cardboard glossy bullsh*t packaging). I’m lucky because I have two original (still-sealed) Jewel Case promo CD Singles of SLTS and CAYA. Just download the songs in mp3-format somwhere for free.

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