Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready Says Band Will Record a New Album in March


Story by Anne Erickson

Pearl Jam fans should expect new tunes Next Year

For Pearl Jam fans wondering when the grunge rock men will finally crank out a new album of originals, guitarist Mike McCready has an answer. Speaking with (via Grunge Report), McCready explained that Eddie Vedder and company are in the midst of putting together a fresh album, and they already have about seven songs in the can.

“… I don’t know about it right now. I think we’ll take a break with the reissues,” McCready said. “I thought that we would keep doing it, but maybe it will take another year before continuing this process. At the end we’ll probably remaster everything and Brendan O’Brien will remix some albums. But in this moment we are in the process of composing an album, we have seven songs … and we’ll work on the rest of them next year in March.” This, no doubt, will appease many Pearl Jam enthusiasts out there.

Pearl Jam’s documentary, Pearl Jam Twenty, which arrived on DVD Oct. 24, recently debuted No. 1 on the Top DVD Music Video Chart.  The Cameron Crowe-directed flick features never-before-seen extras on each band member and stunning unreleased live footage. It’s a must-have for any Pearl Jam fan on your Christmas list.

In other McCready news, the six-stringer recently spoke up about who his misses from the early Seattle grunge days. “I think out of that, I would say Layne from Alice in Chains. I miss him a lot,” he told Seattle radio station 107.7 the End KNDD-FM. “I knew him pretty well. We did a record together with [Seattle grunge group] Mad Season, and he was just a guy that struggled, but he was a sweetheart and just couldn’t get out of his addiction. So, I miss him. I saw a picture of him and his ex-girlfriend, and we used to go to parties together and stuff, and I miss him. And I miss my friend [John] Baker [Saunders] who was the bass player of that band [Mad Season] … I miss those guys.” (Featured image: Pearl Jam via Facebook.)


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