The Lemonheads to Release New Album in January


Story by Cat Badra

The Lemonheads ready ‘Hotel Room’ album

“Mrs. Robinson” alternative rock poster band the Lemonheads are set to release a new album, Hotel Sessions, on Jan. 9, 2012. The 14-track album includes versions of Lemonhead favorites such as “Into Your Arms,” “Down About It,” “I’ll Do It Anyway,” Being Around,” “Great Big No” and more. Fans won’t find a version of, “Mrs. Lemonhead,” on this collection, but there are plenty of other Lemonheads classics to appease their alternative tempered ears.

Frontman Evan Dando recorded the set in a hotel room — hence, the album’s title, Hotel Sessions — in Bondi Beach, Australia, nearly 20 years ago. Dando said, in a release, that he’s “always wanted to make an ‘Album ‘ for 53 dollars – Walkman 50 , tape 3 bucks – Oh to record live to cassette, master it and put it out … I have finally done it!… “ He added that he taped the entire album “in and around either December ’92, or Feb ’93. I remember it was a Sunday night in Bondi – the night the ‘car enthusiasts’ come out. I had just returned to Australia – my home away from home – from our first Japanese tour. Life was good. I made this tape for our Aussie agent of that time, Stephen Pavlovic. I am forever grateful to this man for introducing me to Australia and a grand gang of Australians!”

Dando seems attached to the set: “This LP documents a lovely lull in the action,” he said. “A Sunday night into morning, to collect myself and my songs. The songs that would be on our next album, some of these never made it, and the ‘Into Your Arms’ I did here is better than the one on the album (I like it anyway)… ” In other band news, the Lemonheads are currently preparing for a British tour. Dando will be joined by guitarist Josh Lattanzi of the Candles and drummer Brian Nolan of American Hi-Fi on the trek.




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