The Naked and Famous Are Ready to Get Some ‘Fresh Tracks Going’


Story by Anne Erickson

Flying high on their No. 1 alternative rock hit, ‘Young Blood,’ the Naked and Famous plot their next album

New Zealand alternative electronic collective the Naked and Famous craft catchy, melodic indie pop with a hint of ’80s post-punk flavor. The group’s giddily good 2010 release, Passive Me, Aggressive You, features the alternative rock radio hit, “Young Blood,” and now that over a year has passed since the band’s debut surfaced, they’re not settling for resting on their indie laurels and plan to dish out some new, fuzzed-out songs soon.

“We’re looking forward to that point where we can get back into the studio and get creative with some new tracks,” synth player Aaron Short told Spinner, adding that the band is slowly putting together new songs at every soundcheck. “We had five days off and wanted to just enjoy being back in the studio again and get some fresh tracks going… By the time we get in the studio, we should be ready.”

Stay posted on the progress of the Naked and Famous’ new sounds via their official Facebook account, and don’t worry about your newsfeed getting cluttered with random, pointless updates. Unlike many “famous” types, the Naked and Famous practice discretion when posting band news to followers. “We’re quite set in our ways and we think about every word we put up,” drummer Jesse Wood told Spinner. “We don’t constantly throw out, ‘Here’s our breakfast, here’s our lunch…'” Short seconded that idea, saying that celebrities or musicians who tweet all the time, “become irrelevant and not interesting anymore; it’s just flooding your wall all day.” (Courtesy photo.)




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