Watch ‘White Christmas’ by Stone Temple Pilots’ Scott Weiland [VIDEO]


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Watch the new Christmas video from Scott Weiland

Stone Temple Pilots main singer Scott Weiland has released a jolly Christmas video for, “White Christmas,” a song off his new Christmas album, Most Wonderful Time of the Year. The clip features Weiland in nostalgic dress, singing the merry song, surrounded by retro-looking ladies dressed for the holidays, trimming the tree and doing all the appropriate holiday traditions. Watch the video, below.

Weiland explained that the idea for doing a Christmas album stemmed from recording a single Christmas song last year. “We actually recorded one song over a year ago, and we decided, ‘Let’s make this an album,’” he told the Sudbury Star. “So we recorded with a full jazz orchestra — some of the best players around. And we took a lot of time figuring out the arrangements and finding the right keys and giving some of the songs a different flavour. You’ve got some bossa nova, a little reggae. It was amazing to be able to sing those kinds of songs and experiment with different phrasing. Singing rock ‘n’ roll is a lot different than singing jazz.”

He says that while he’s known for grunge and rock, his musical tastes are much for versatile than that. “Rock ‘n’ roll pays the bills, but I have a lot of different musical tastes,” he said. “And if I were just stuck in one genre, I wouldn’t be doing this gig anymore.” He also confirmed previous statements that Stone Temple Pilots will likely take some time off in 2012. “I don’t know about next year,” he said. “We all want to take some time off. I have been completely busy nonstop for probably about nine years. Dec. 5 will be nine years since I quit doing dope. I was in Velvet Revolver at the time. So from Velvet Revolver all the way through getting back with STP, it’s been nonstop touring. I haven’t had more than two months off in the last nine years.” (Photo courtesy of Yahoo music videos.)

Watch Scott Weiland’s Video for, ‘White Christmas’:



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