As I Lay Dying Plan to Record and Tour in 2012


Story by Cat Badra

As I Lay Dying drummer talks Decas, band’s Christianity

There’s good news in the metal world this week: San Diego heavy music boys As I Lay Dying are gearing up to record a new album in 2012! Speaking with the Phoenix News Times, drummer Jordan Mancino explained that fans may expect both a full-length album and more touring. “We are heading in to the studio around springtime and plan to start the touring once we’ve finished the record,” he said.

Mancino went on to explain the motivation behind the band’s recent Decas album, which features covers from the Descendants, Judas Priest, Slayer and more. “The Judas Priest song [“Electric Eye” and “Hellion”] was Phil’s [Sgrosso, guitarist] idea, which was ultimately supported by the band,” he said. “We are all fans of Judas Priest and felt we could put a tasteful twist on the original while keeping it respectful to the original recording.”

The Slayer cover, “War Ensemble,” came up “as a covered single for a video game soundtrack,” he added. “We thought it turned out so well that we would put it on Decas. Plus, Slayer is one of our many influences, so we thought it was fitting to pay our respect with cover of one of their greatest songs. The Descendants cover came up, since we most of us grew listening to them and other punk bands. We also liked the lightheartedness of the song and the fact it was only 30-seconds long.”

Mancino also touched on the band’s highly-publicized Christianity, stating that the guys keep Christian values in their lives, but “that’s not to say we are perfect by any means. We all make mistakes, but we try to learn from them. I think the most important thing for us is personal and spiritual growth.” Read more about the band’s Decas album and why it’s a choice Christmas gift, here.




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