Pearl Jam’s Christmas Greeting to Fans [Video]


Story by Charles Ken

Pearl Jam members Eddie Vedder, Mike McCready and more give a Christmas ‘thank you’ to fans

Even the guys of Pearl Jam get into the Christmas spirit. During a recent tour stop in Mexico City, Eddie Vedder and his grunge comrades took a few minutes to extend their gratitude to fans via a special Christmas greeting. Watch the video, below.

Longtime guitarist Mike McCready had this to say to Pearl Jam die-hards: “I’m very grateful to have been in a band for 20 years that can still make music and still get along, and people still want to see us, and I’m stoked. Thank you for 20 years and I don’t know what else to say other than, ‘I’m grateful.’”

Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron commented about how much fun the guys are having on the road. “I just want to say what a great time we had,” he said. “It was super fun and it seems like each time we come back here [to Mexico City], it just gets better and better. So, we hope to come back many more times.”

Vedder, first donning his creepy mask and then going into regular Vedder mode, thanked fans and left it open as to whether the band will tour much in 2012. “Thank you for everything over the many years … I’m exhausted!” he joked. “ … Thanks. Merry Christmas, [and] have a great next year, which is 2012. Maybe we’ll see you; maybe we won’t. Who knows? That’s the exciting part of life. I guess I’d just say to say thanks for all the love. I appreciate it … it means a lot. Thanks!”

Bass player Jeff Ament echoed the rest of the band members’ sentiments and then hinted that the guys are at least contemplating touring next year: “Thanks for 21 years of playing live and being in a band, and I just can’t tell you how much fun we’re still having. We’re thankful and grateful to still be doing it … and most of all, I couldn’t be happier to be in a band with these other five guys right now. It’s a dream gig for all of us. So, thanks for being there for us, and see you next year.“ Such a warm fuzzy message from camp Pearl Jam!

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