Pearl Jam Guitarist Talks New Album, Gives Opinion on ‘Grunge’ Label


Story by Charles Ken

Pearl Jam are on target to release a new album in 2012

Plenty of rock and alternative bands are gearing up for 2012 releases: Papa Roach, Shinedown, Lacuna Coil, Green Day, the Offspring, Smashing Pumpkins. As far as original, Seattle ‘90s-alternative grunge bands, one album that’s getting lots of buzz is Pearl Jam’s upcoming release.

As Audio Ink Radio reported last month, Pearl Jam fans waiting and wishing for an album of originals from the guys will discover that 2012 is their year. Guitarist Mike McCready told Gazeta Do Pvo that Eddie Vedder and the gang are working on songs for an upcoming release, and at press time, they had seven fully wrapped: “… in this moment we are in the process of composing an album, we have seven songs, … and we’ll work on the rest of them next year in March.” Pearl Jam reconvening as soon as March is no doubt great news for Eddie Vedder enthusiasts.

McCready also gave his opinion on the term “grunge,” which defines Seattle rock bands coming up from the early ‘90s scene. “It is very hard for me to use that word [grunge], because I never thought that we were. Of course the media need to put music into categories and sell them,” he said. “We always feel just like a rock band.”

McCready added that, regardless of the moniker, he’s grateful for the longevity of the grunge scene: “… the fact that still listen to our songs and we play to an audience today makes me feel very grateful and think that maybe the songs were really good and lasted for being good. And that is all that a band might want to make music that touches people the way I feel touched when I hear some songs by the Rolling Stones, Social Distortion or Fri Pistols or X. Scrolls a sense of connectedness with these songs. If you can do this with a band, your job is done. And of course have a career for 20 years, too!”


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