Tool Confirm New Album is on the Way


Story by Anne Erickson

Tool’s instrumentalists report new songs are in the works

New Tool is on the way, and all is right with the world, once again. Well, at least the latter is the case! Tool have confirmed via their official website that six-stringer Adam Jones, drummer Danny Carey and bass player Justin Chancellor spent Thanksgiving weekend squeezed into a home studio, gutting out new tracks the primitive way: laying down lines on an analogue tape recorder. Now, that’s rock ‘n’ roll. [Updated: Carney and company have updated the newsletter to clarify that the aforementioned recording sessions were for drummer Carey’s side project, Volto, not Tool.]

To learn more, check out this strange message from the band: “…While most of you were still digesting your Thanksgiving bird, highly acclaimed recording engineer and producer (not to mention vintage candy aficionado!) ‘Evil’ Joe Barresi? was seated at the mixing console in the band’s home studio – the only evidence of the holiday being a bowl of pumpkin-pie cheesecake Kit Kats that was placed there by one of the girls from Tool’s business management. Believe it! Hours after your cranberry sauce was still jiggling, members of the band had gathered at the loft to begin tracking…”

The note goes on to say the guys recently “met with the band’s management in order to discuss” the idea of a Tool tour. “Although I wasn’t sure if there was any validity to the rumors, I nevertheless told their manager that a small winter tour might not be such a bad thing. However, given my age, I didn’t think that I’d be able to attend too many shows as a guest (at least, I wouldn’t be able to attend them with the same vigor that I used to). I certainly didn’t want to travel on the tour bus, as the bunks hurt my back. Also, my excessive snoring might keep some of the early riser band members awake at night (particularly Danny and Justin)…” While the note is difficult to translate, at least it’s legible enough to deduct “new Tool” from the chaos! Read the entire message on Tool’s website.




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