Hole’s Courtney Love Discusses Getting Back into Acting


Story by Anne Erickson

Courtney Love discusses acting, music in latest blog post

Hole frontwoman Courtney Love is getting back into acting. In a post on the ‘90s alternative rock singer and songwriters’ blog, Love announced that although she left films years ago, she was recently inspired to get back into the thespian business.

“I’m starting films again!” her blog reads. “All I can say is thank you, Ronnie Meyer for your priceless mitzvah and Brian Lourd for your priceless advice. The next step will be to meet my agent. This time, no agent hopping, no listening to upper class boyfriends trying to tame me into ‘Mrs. Senator Wasp.’  I can’t call someone my agent until we’ve shaken hands.  All these endless, ‘You were so great in Larry Flynt’ leave me cold. I’ll talk about why I ‘resigned’ from film in 2001 some other time.”

Love also makes it clear that she left acting– not the other way around. “ … I want you all to know — I left it [films], it didn’t leave me,” she said. “In other words I wasn’t the dumped. I know everyone, except a rare few, see film acting as some sort of “movie star dream” and why walk away? I wanted to. Because my soul wasn’t in it.

“Then I saw a little Sean Penn film and it shook me. It shook me and I felt like Sean is a soul brother. Like, I’d call him if I was ever really in real trouble. Sean and I share so many traits, it’s sort of insane. I look up to him and Stipe and Bono, those three, like I do Patti [Smith]. Like soul brothers and an aunt (well, Marianne Faithfull too). Sean made acting on film.”

As for Love’s music, she announced her band have “finally found a female bassist who is awesome,” and that “my new band starts in earnest later this year, but that’s all I can say about that for now.” She added that while she’s waiting for the music stuff to actualize, she’s working on her memoir, and “the working title is ‘And She’s Not Even Pretty.’  It’s a little negative, but I love it.  I used to not be pretty, and now I finally feel like all of me– not the totally self-conscious, non-pretty me that I’m known for in the public eye.”




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