Lacuna Coil’s Cristina Scabbia on Her Favorite ‘Dark Adrenaline’ Song


Story by Cat Badra

Lacuna Coil release their sixth studio album, ‘Dark Adrenaline,’ Jan. 24

Italian heavy metal outfit Lacuna Coil are undoubtedly excited to release their sixth studio album, “Dark Adrenaline,” which arrives Jan 24 in the U.S. via Century Media. For over a decade, the group has mounted to the top of the metal genre with their succinct, ominous brand of goth-metal, sprinkled with electronics and symophonics.

While frontwoman Cristina Scabbia is passionate about every track on the upcoming release, she’s especially drawn to, “Falling,” a song about heartbreak. “I feel connected with all the lyrics I wrote, so it would be kinda unfair to mention one song only… but I’ll give you one of them,” she explained to Hails and Horns. “I feel really attached to a song called ‘Falling’ ’cause it’s a very personal one with a decadent mood. It’s related to the feelings you can have after a break up or in a bad moment of your life. It’s an easy song to relate to ’cause I am absolutely sure everyone felt like that at least once in a lifetime.”

While many heavy music bands feel pressure to conform to their peers or the hot trend of the moment, Scabbia says Lacuna Coil stay away from that mind frame. “I think the key is to be open-minded and realize that as life proceeds, experiences are different and you change as a person,” she said. “That doesn’t mean refusing the past but it means to get the best out if it and to be ready to embrace the future. We never felt the pressure to enter the cliches; we actually don’t really conform to any. It can be good or bad, but that’s what we are and whoever loves us it’s because they really love Lacuna Coil, not a genre.” Find our review of Lacuna Coil’s metallic single, “Trip the Darkness,” on the reviews page. (Photo credit: Katja Kuhl, Century Media Records.)




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