Lacuna Coil: ‘We’re Not the Kind of Band That Repeats the Same Album’


Story by Charles Ken

Lacuna Coil: ‘We like to shake things up a bit’

Italian metal band Lacuna Coil release their latest full-length, “Dark Adrenaline,” Jan. 24 via Century Media, and according to co-vocalist Andrea Ferro, the new songs fit along the trajectory of the band, without repeating past triumphs.

Speaking with Rock N Live, Ferro explained that Lacuna Coil aren’t the kind of band who can keep things static year after year. They prefer to look forward as opposed to repeating where they’ve already stood ground.

“Basically, we’re not the kind of band that repeats the same album every time,” he said. “We like to shake things up a bit. On every record, we add some new elements… There are bands that can repeat the same songs [and] the same records all the every time, but we’re just not able to do that, because we’re the kind of people that look forward in life. So, so we like to look at the next record and the next tours, the next project, the next ideas … we’re not really looking too much back in the past. It’s cool to know where you’re coming from and that you have a history as a band [and] as an artist, but it’s also cool to actually be able to come up with a record that sounds fresh. It’s the way we are as people … “

Lacuna Coil’s first single from, “Dark Adrenaline,” called “Trip the Darkness,” is currently No. 29 on the U.S. active rock radio chart and has spent 11 weeks on the chart. Check out our review of the brooding, anthemic song on the reviews page. Lacuna Coil are also on the 2012 Gigantour, alongside Megadeth, Motorhead and Volbeat. (Photo credit: Katja Kuhl.)




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