No Doubt + Rise Against’s Twitter Accounts Hacked by Ron Paul Backers


Story by Anne Erickson

Ron Paul supporters hack Twitter accounts of Rise Against and No Doubt

Contrary to what you may have read, popular alternative bands No Doubt and Rise Against have not officially endorsed any presidential candidate. According to Billboard, early Wednesday morning (Jan. 11), both bands had their Twitter accounts hacked by overzealous supporters of Ron Paul.

Both groups discovered mysterious tweets sent from their accounts endorsing the politician. No Doubt’s Twitter account spitted out an eager affirmation of support for Paul: “Today we officially endorse Ron Paul 2012 donate to him here #ronpaulrevolution.” That tweet was quickly followed by: “If you actually read what Ron Paul is saying, you will discover that for the first time in your life a politician is not lying to you.” The messages sound convincing, right?

Rise Against’s account tweeted out similar messages of support. Former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger also had her account taken over by the same cluster of Ron Paul supporters. Scherzinger’s hack read, “For the first time ever a politician isn’t lying to us. WAKE UP AMERICA! Ron Paul 2012 I Love this Guy #RonPaulRevolution”

As for what ties all the victims together, all three are currently inked to Interscope Records, Billboard reports, which may explain why the hackers were able to access these specific accounts.

Rise Against and No Doubt acted fast to yank the messages of backing down. Rise Against fought back on their account, stating: “We were hacked. As you would all assume, we DO NOT support Ron Paul.” No Doubt simply wrote: “Our Twitter account was hacked last night. No political endorsements at this time. Love, No Doubt.” In other No Doubt news, the Gwen Stefani-fronted outfit recently confirmed that their long delayed follow-up LP to 2001’s, “Rock Steady,” will arrive in 2012.


Anne Erickson
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  1. Paul is Awesome
    14 Jan 2012, 1:26 am

    Gwen Stefani and No Doubt are great!
    Rise Against is mediocre at best and it is now apparent that they politically uninformed and complacent.
    I find it hard to believe anyone would hack their site, because really who cares what thier political affiliation is…..maybe a publicity stunt?

    The best way to clean out the corruption in Washington,  is to clean out the problems that created it to begin with. Ron Paul is the only honest candidate talking about these real issues of corruption. He has been fighting the corruption for 30 years on our behalf…it is time we help him, or regret it deeply.
    Romney will be Obama in a different suit. He and the others are bought and paid for. Ron Paul is the only honest one, talking about the real problems.  Please visit:
    Dont let corporate owned media pick your candidate for you, vote for the proven representative of the people.

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