Scott Weiland Isn’t Joining Velvet Revolver Right Now, Says Matt Sorum


Story by Charles Ken

Velvet Revolver isn’t likely to reunite with Scott Weiland, says drummer

Following Velvet Revolver’s reunion with frontman Scott Weiland for a charity gig earlier this month, rumors abounded that the Guns N’ Roses-formed supergroup would reunite with Weiland permanently. But, Velvet Revolver drummer Matt Sorum recently has dismissed any rumors that the band are planning to head back into the studio with Weiland.

During a fan Q & A on, Sorum commented on the rumors of a permanent Velvet Revolver / Scott Weiland reunion. When asked whether the guys were looking for a new singer, Sorum replied, “Yes, we are trying out a guy from England now.” Then, in response to whether the band would ever make a new record with Weiland, Sorum replied, “You never know. Scott is a great frontman. It’s just hard to be on the road sometimes when things don’t flow.” It’s hard to imagine Velvet Revolver hits such as “Slither,” “Fall to Pieces” and “Dirty Little Thing” sung by anyone but Weiland, but we’re sure VR have some good crooners in mind to audition.

Velvet Revolver guitarist Dave Kushners recently left whether or not Weiland was coming back to the band open for discussion. “We haven’t played together in four years, and so we’re really just like, ‘Let’s see how this goes,’” he told Rolling Stone before the band’s recent charity gig. “I know everyone’s got other commitments, but I think everyone’s like, ‘Let’s get this thing done and get through this and then we’ll see.’” Would you like to see Weiland join back up with Velvet Revolver? If not, who do you think should take his place?


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