Silverstein Release Music Video for ‘Brookfield’


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New Music Video: Silverstein, ‘Brookfield’

Post-hardcore heartthrobs Silverstein release their sixth studio album, “Short Songs,” Feb. 7, and to get fans pumped up for the release, the Canadian boys have released a slick new video for their song, “Brookfield,” from the album. Watch the video, which arrived today (Jan. 23) via MTV, below.

“Brookfield” totes plenty of cool underwater takes and shots of singer Shane Told stomping through the streets of him hometown, singing along to the emo-flavored lyrics. Fans of Silverstein’s brand of punk and melody will find lots to like on the tune, which is part of a 22-song compilation of short originals and covers of bands such as NOFX, Green Day, Dead Kennedys and more of the band’s favorite bands.

Silverstein have never been ones to conform to conventions, and vocalist Shane Told says that’s what makes Silverstein, well, Silverstein. “I think we’ve never followed trends. I think we’ve never tried to over exert ourselves with making music or making a record that wasn’t natural to us,” he told AMP Magazine last year. “These trends they come and go and we’ve just ignored them. We get into the basement, we start writing songs and we don’t talk about what kind of record we’re going to make, we just write songs. I think that natural progression that we have just kind of makes sense with our fans… With us, we’ve kept it real and done what we’ve always done and we enjoy the music we play. We don’t necessarily want to change what we do because we enjoy it…” What do you think of Silverstein’s latest jam? (Courtesy photo: Hopeless Records.)

Watch Silverstein’s Music Video for ‘Brookfield’:

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