Bush Debut New Video for ‘Baby Come Home’


Story by Cat Badra

British post-grunge band release latest music video

Gavin Rossdale-fronted alternative rock outfit Bush have released their new music video for “Baby Come Home,” off the band’s current full-length, “The Sea of Memories.” The ‘90s rock radio darlings shot the video Jan. 15 in Los Angeles with director Todd Stefani. Watch the dramatic clip below.

“The Sea of Memories” marks Bush’s first studio release since 2001’s “Golden State.” As for Bush’s reformation, after years of trying to make the solo thing work, Rossdale said it just felt natural to resurrect Bush.

“I began writing, and I must have done six or 10 songs, and I was thinking that the weakest link was that they were coming out under my name and not Bush,” he told Consequence of Sound regarding the decision to get back with Bush. “I just rationalized. I just kept asking why. Why would I rationalize it? If Nigel [Pulsford] wasn’t coming back, then so be it. I also created that band. I was the first one there, so therefore, why would I say, ‘You don’t want to do it, so let’s not do it.’ It just seemed ridiculous.”

Rossdale says he thought about bands like The Cure “and I just figured, let’s just do it. And, you know what, it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. It’s one of those decisions where you go, ‘Why did it take so long?’ Well, that’s just the way it went, and if you live a forward leaning life, those sort of questions don’t have any meaning or merit. They’re just frustrating.”

Watch Bush’s New Video for ‘Baby Comes Home’:


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