Eve 6 ‘Feel Ready’ to Release New Album, ‘Speak in Code’


Story by Cat Badra

Eve 6 singer: ‘We definitely felt the pressure of wanting to make an awesome record’

Alternative pop-punk trio Eve 6 recently reformed, and Max Collins, Tony Fagenson and Jonathan Siebels have officially unveiled a brand new rock single, “Lost & Found,” off their upcoming album, “Speak in Code.” Stream the track via the YouTube player at the bottom of the story.

Albeit difficult to believe, it’s been almost a decade since the last Eve 6 album, “It’s All in Your Head,” dropped in 2003. During their downtime from Eve 6, the guys joined new bands, worked on solo projects, produced tracks and stayed in the music business as best they could. Freshly signed to Fearless records, Eve 6 are set to drop their upcoming, Don Gilmore-produced album April 24. It’s the ‘90s all over again!

Eve 6 lead singer Max Collins says the recording process for the new album was “really inspired and gratifying” for the longtime friends and band mates. There were “some disagreements and friction here and there but that’s what happens when you’re making music with people who care,” he told AOL Music. “We definitely felt the pressure of wanting to make an awesome record since we’d been away for so long but it was a positive force for us.”

So, what took so doggone long to get back together? “We wanted to wait until we got all of the pieces in place. Our guitar player Jon’s return to the fold was crucial,” he said. “We feel indebted to our fans because of the time spent away and really wanted to make sure we had the best possible material for this record. Once we got our team together, from management to label to producer, we really felt ready.” (Courtesy photo via Fearless Records.)

Listen to Eve 6’s New Song, ‘Lost & Found’:




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