Frances Bean Cobain Recalls Courtney Love’s Face-Off with Boyfriend


Story by Cat Badra

Frances Bean Cobain alleges her mom killed the family pets

According to newly-revealed testimony filed by Frances Bean Cobain, the descendant of grunge royalty Kurt Cobain of Nirvana and Courtney Love of Hole, from 2009, Cobain asserts that Love engaged in all kinds of erratic behavior, including once threatening to jump off a balcony while her daughter watched.

The deposition papers, attained by the Fix, were filed when Cobain was seeking a restrainer order against her mom.

In the sworn statement, Cobain remembered going with her mom to the house of a former boyfriend, James Barber, years prior. “She took me in a taxi to his house in the middle of the night, and from outside the house, in her bare feet, she screamed at him, threw rocks at the house, and threatened to burn his house down,” she said. “His children were inside the house, but that did not stop my mother.”

Among the testimony, Cobain says her mom was “obsessed with uncovering fraud and spends much of her day raging about the fraud that has been perpetrated on her and on me. She incessantly rages about her many theories relating to the supposed incidences of ‘fraud.’ She slams doors, breaks things, stomps around the hotel or apartment and spends hours on the phone, yelling.”

Cobain went on to assert that her cat died after getting entwined in heaps of Etsy fabrics, crates of paperwork, trash and other random items, and that a dog passed away after accidentally swallowing a pile of Love’s pills. As for Frances Bean Cobain’s restraining order, backed by her nanny and others, it was granted.


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