Green Day Begin Work on New Album


Story by Charles Ken

Green Day working on follow-up to ’21st Century Breakdown’

Eternally adolescent Green Day throat Billy Joe Armstrong announced via a Tweet earlier this week that his punk rock trio have already entered the studio to officially start working on their new album. “Happy Valentine’s Day! Officially started recording the new record today…” Armstrong proclaimed.

Green Day have pulled out several new tracks during recent concerts, the big one being at a Halloween-themed concert at the 300-capacity Studio at Webster Hall in Manhattan in October, according to Rolling Stone. According to Rolling Stone’s Erica Futterman, the new songs seemed a divergence from what was found on the trio’s famously politically-minded albums “American Idiot” and “21st Century Breakdown.”

No word yet on who will produce the new album, but the guys have gone with mega-producer Butch Vig for their past few albums, so it’s a solid bet they’ll repeat that move. “When we brought in Butch I think we were at the point where we were driving ourselves crazy,” Armstrong told Guitar World about recording that band’s last album, “21st Century Breakdown.”

“We’d done some writing and we’d reached the point where we said, ‘Okay, now it’s time to bring in an outside perspective.’ When Butch came in, I just started throwing around ideas of how I wanted the record to be. And he threw in a couple of ideas. One thing we came up with was the phrase ‘rebel songs,’ because, looking at the material, there are a lot of rebel songs. So things like that helped to start defining the album a little.”




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