Lacuna Coil’s Andrea Ferro Checks in from Gigantour – Exclusive


Story by Charles Ken

Lacuna Coil co-vocalist is ‘excited to see fans’ reactions’ to new album on tour

Lacuna Coil have ruled the ethereal metal field ever since unchaining their self-titled EP to the world in 1998. The Cristina Scabbia-fronted Italian outfit have come a long way since those early days, thanks to years of heavy-duty touring with their ambient metal tracks.

Scabbia and her crew are currently trailing through North America on the 2012 Gigantour along with Megadeth, Motorhead and Volbeat. The tour — which Lacuna Coil is playing in support of their latest full-length, “Dark Adrenaline” — is slated to run through March 3 in Austin, Texas.

If you ask co-vocalist Andrea Ferro, playing stateside shows is far different from bringing the band’s famously heavy tracks to his native Italy. “I think it’s really different!” he exclusively told Audio Ink Radio. “I mean, the reaction of the people and audiences is very similar from city to city, but in the U.S., the crowd is more open. In the U.S., when we have a concert, we have a lot of people who are not strictly metal heads. It’s really a mixture of different people. In Europe, it’s more homogeneous. The people who go to a gothic metal concert are mostly into gothic metal. There’s more separation.”

Ferro says Lacuna Coil are most looking forward to playing their new, melodic and mercurial songs off “Dark Adrenaline” on the Gigantour. He exclaims, “Basically, [I’m excited] to have the reaction of the people hearing the new songs. That’s one of the most challenging things, and we’re really excited to put these songs out there and see fans’ reactions.” Are you heading out to Giganta this year? (Photo credit: Katja Kuhl Image.)


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