Mitt Romney Recruits Kid Rock to Play Campaign Rally


Story by Anne Erickson

Detroit native played ‘Born Free’ at Michigan rally for GOP hopeful

Kid Rock and Mitt Romney may seem an unlikely pair, but they sure didn’t look it yesterday (Feb. 27), when Kid Rock stopped by a rally for the former Massachusetts governor in Royal Oak, Mich. The GOP hopeful apparently drove straight to the Detroit native’s home to personally to ask him to play a special live performance at Monday’s rally, reports CBS News.

Startling an excited crowd of over a thousand supporters, Kid Rock — arguably Michigan’s most famous modern rocker — performed his chart-topper, “Born Free,” which has been serving as Romney’s campaign theme song of sorts. Romney first started using the track in early December, and he plays it regularly at Romney events.

“I’m happy to introduce a son of Detroit, a friend, a guy who makes great music who introduces me everywhere I go: Kid Rock!” Romney said before Kid Rock took the stage.

“He had a piece of paper in front of him,” the Republican presidential candidate continued, describing his meeting with Kid Rock this week. “He had some questions for me. He said, ‘First off,’ he said, ‘Mitt, if you’re elected president, will you help me help the state of Michigan?’ I said I would. He said, ‘If you’re elected president, will you help me help the city of Detroit?’ I said I would. And then I turned to him. I said, ‘By the way, given the fact I’m willing to do those things, would you be willing to come here and perform a concert tonight for my friends?’” (Photo via YouTube.)

Watch Kid Rock Perform ‘Born Free’ at Mitt Romney’s Rally Monday (Feb. 27):


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