Mumford & Sons on New Album: ‘We are in the Final Stages’


Story by Cat Badra

Mumford & Sons say upcoming LP has ‘completely exceeded our expectations’

Mixing alternative, folk, country and bluegrass, Mumford & Sons won the hearts of Americans with the rootsy music off their 2009 debut, “Sigh No More,” which spawned an alternative rock hit that wouldn’t go away in “Little Lion Man.”

So, it should come as no surprise that the guys are taking their follow-up to “Sign No More” seriously. They’re finishing up the album right now, and some of the tracks as even a tad road-tested for good measure.

“We are in the final stages. We’re not finished, [and] we don’t quite know the exact track listing,” Mumford’s Ben Lovett told MTV News of the album.  “But we have kind of road-tested some songs, and we have picked up some new songs and dropped some ones that people might have thought we were going to be putting on the record. We just want to make a record that’s cohesive and one that we feel represents us best right now.”

Lovett added that the new tracks are surprising even Mumford & Sons, since the songs are showing a major evolution from when the band dropped “Sigh No More” three years ago. “It’s pretty strange. [It’s] completely exceeded our expectations,” Lovett said. “ …we had a dream to do a couple of tours off the back of [‘Sigh No More’] in the U.K., then get back in and do a second record, and that was it. It’s been crazy. [Some of the songs on the album are] four, five years old? We recorded it almost three years ago. And what’s exciting is that we’re right in the midst of recording the new album, so we feel very keen to plow on.” Are you on the edge of your ears to hear new Mumford & Sons?




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