Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain Featured in New Book by Former Hole Guitarist


Story by Anne Erickson

‘Letters to Kurt’ promises to be ‘a poetic elegy’ for late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain

Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain carries one of the most tragic stories in popular music– a musical genius who fell prey to his own demons at the young age of 27.

Eric Erlandson knew Cobain well. After all, Erlandson was the co-founder, songwriter and lead guitarist in alternative grunge rock band Hole, the ‘90s group featuring Cobain’s wife at the time, Courtney Love.

In honor of Cobain and his legacy, Erlandson is releasing a book called “Letters to Kurt” which promises to be “a poetic elegy for Kurt Cobain from the man who created the band Hole with Cobain’s wife Courtney Love,” according to a release. “This will make a beautiful book for anyone who loved Nirvana and Hole and the time and place when their music changed everything. Ultimately, it’s an elegy for Kurt and the ‘suicide idols’ who tragically fail to find salvation in their amazing music.”

As for support, “Letters to Kurt” has garnered kudos from fellow grunge icon Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore. “Eric was the spirit-boy in the Nirvana / Hole dynamic,” Moore stated. “Quiet, bemused, intelligent, and curiously intuitive to the power of hugging the devil, to say we will all be okay. The early 1990s were an explosive and defining period of creativity and excitement for the underground punk/post-punk scene, particularly with the manifest poetry of Kurt, who we were so proud to have as a light in our shared time and space. Eric expresses how enchanting Kurt was, how the whole scene was, with his thoughtful, radical adult/prose love. Bring on the future, darling.”

The 120 page, hardcover book is scheduled to arrive April 10, 2012, via Akashic Books.


Anne Erickson
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