Oh, Sleeper Gear Up for Tour with the Devil Wears Prada


Story by Anne Erickson

Oh, Sleeper frontman talks ‘post-apocalyptic’ new album

Fort Worth, Texas-based Christian metal boys Oh, Sleeper recently announced a lengthy ramble with the Devil Wears Prada, Every Time I Die and Letlive, which kicks off in early March and runs through early April. The tour will give the band plenty of opportunities to play tracks off their aggressive 2011 album, “Children of Fire,” a concept album of sorts with all the finest elements of heavy metal: distorted guitars, double kick drum percussion and cutting, scream-y vocals.

Vocalist Micah Kinard tells Audio Ink Radio that the album — which, in theory, starts up where their last LP, “When I Am God?” left off — is the “most in-depth concept album” Oh, Sleeper have ever done. “It’s a full story from start to finish, and every song acts as a chapter in the story,” he explained. “It basically follows two characters through a post-apocalyptic setting where God and satin destroy each other in battle, and now there’s no fear of hell and no reward of heaven. It follows these two characters as they watch humanity tear itself apart, and they try to find out their own faith through that time. It’s really in-depth.”

Kinard is more than stoked to play the grisly new metal concoctions on the upcoming tour. “It’s super exciting. We’re really pumped on it,” he said. “The record has a lot of different sounds on it, so I’m anxious to see which songs people latch onto the most and what does the best for us through the different songs. That’s one of my favorite songs, so I’m really pleased with the response.” Find a complete list of tour dates on the Oh, Sleeper artist page. Are you heading out to see this metal bill? (Courtesy photo via Solid State Records.)


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