Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard Gives Update on Band’s New Album


Story by Charles Ken

Pearl Jam are in the ‘formative stages’ of creating a new album

While many of his peers were walking the red carpet at the 54th annual Grammy Awards this past weekend, Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard spent the weekend volunteering at a Pearl Jam-funded reforestation project for Crestwood’s Park in Kirkland, Wash. During his time getting his hands dirty pulling roots and helping to rebuild the forest, he took a few minutes out to talk about the band’s upcoming album, and it seems things aren’t exactly set in stone yet regarding when the effort will see the light.

Gossard told the Woodinville Patch that Pearl Jam are planning a European tour this summer and are also in the “formative stages” of creating a new album. “We’re not sure what it’s going to be yet,” he said with an easy smile.

Gossard, 45, went on to explain why he – and the entire grunge rock band – feel the need to donate funds and time towards the Crestwood’s Park reforestation efforts and help raise awareness of global warming. “I guess our understanding is that global warming is a reality, and the impact of business on climate change is going to be a big thing to grapple with in the future,” said Gossard, who brought along his loveable dog Bassey to help. “So we’re trying to set an example, saying this is the cost of doing business and this is something you should do, like paying for your garbage to be hauled away.”

“I learned how much carbon is stored in western red cedar, and it seemed like an efficient way to put something back into the environment,” added Gossard, who has long lent his voice to environmental causes. “I hope this works out and I hope other businesses do things like this.”


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