Slash: ‘I Realized I Was a Band Guy When I Was 15’


Story by Charles Ken

Slash’s new solo album is truly a full band effort

Even though Slash’s upcoming full-length, “Apocalyptic Love,” is technically his sophomore solo album, Slash insists it’s much more of a band effort than a solo one. After all, we’re talking about the guy who spearheaded the guitar work of one of the greatest bands ever, Guns N’ Roses, so being in a band is in his blood!

“I realized I was a band guy when I was 15, when I only knew like four licks and two chords and I started a band,” Slash told Rolling Stone. “I like working in a band atmosphere, I think something about that camaraderie. I do not want to do it all by myself. I’m like that with everything else; I don’t want to do that with music.

“I’m very much a loner in most respects, but when it comes to working with music, whether I’m leading it or not, the last record was very collaborative. It was just a lot of different people. But this is just one group of guys, which is really cool for me at this point after having done the last record and going in with Chris Chaney and Josh Freese and going, ‘Here’s the demo, let’s learn it real quick… ‘”

The new, collaborative album features the talents of Slash, Alter Bridge singer-guitarist Myles Kennedy, drummer Brent Fitz and bassist Todd Kerns. Expect to see that same lineup at concerts, too. Slash and Kennedy did the majority of the writing, and the resulting tracks are variety-drenched. “The thing about this band is, and I really have not sat down and analyzed it in any way, shape or form, everybody is such great rock ‘n’ roll players,” Slash said. “They can play pretty much everything, but there’s that spirit of people who grew up in it. They’ve learned from Kiss to Ramones to whatever and everything in between, there’s Zeppelin, some Rush, whatever– they know everything, but they really love it. They have really great influences, so I can pretty much do anything with them… “ (Photo credit: Travis Shinn.)


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