Slash to Release Solo Album in May with Alter Bridge’s Myles Kennedy


Story by Charles Ken

Guitar icon Slash announces May 22 release date for sophomore solo LP

It’s time to rock Slash-style! Slash — the guitar icon from Velvet Revolver and Guns N’ Roses — is holed up in a Los Angeles studio, finishing up his long-awaited sophomore solo album, and he’s almost ready to unbridle it to the globe.

Slash’s yet-to-be-titled new album is set to arrive May 22 via Slash’s own label, Dik Hayd International, distributed through EMI. The disc is the follow-up to Slash’s 2010, self-titled debut album. Per usual, Alter Bridge vocalist Myles Kennedy will lend his smooth tones to the set. Kennedy also co-wrote much of the material.

Slash’s last album was darn good, and that’s thanks in no small share to Kennedy’s God-given rock tenor on the collection. Kennedy recently discussed recording sessions for the new album, and he’s stoked with the the direction it’s headed. “Oh I’m very excited. You know, it’s fun because hearing the songs come together with the whole band is always kind of a big thrill, you know when you’re writing and creating,” Kennedy told Glide Magazine. “Slash and I have been trading demos back and forth for better part of a year. And we’ll get together with Todd and Brent Fitz and flesh out the arrangements and it’s cool. It’s like making little sonic babies. [Laughs]”

Kennedy reported that the Slash album is coming along, but he can’t say for certain whether it will rock until it’s 100% finished. “I’m funny that way. I’m never sure until the record’s done,” he explained. “I’m always afraid to kind of be content ‘cause I’m afraid if there’s a second where I’m content I’ll stop working as hard so I’ll just obsess. I have such an obsessive, obsessive nature when it comes to songs where I tend to more often than not over think if I’m not careful… ” What do you think Slash should name his new musical baby?


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