Staind’s Aaron Lewis Loves Recording in His Barn Studio


Story by Cat Badra

Staind frontman says DIY recording ‘sounds as good if not better’ than recording in a high-end studio

The music industry looks nothing like it did when post-grunge band Staind got their start in the ‘90s, and Staind frontman Aaron Lewis is well aware of that reality. But if you ask the rock-turned-country vocalist, he’ll tell you that not all the music industry’s changes are all that bad.

Speaking with EspyRock, Lewis explained that the band recorded their last two albums in their own studio– a move infinitely cheaper than the old-fashioned way of booking a pricey studio and paying by the hour. “The last time we worked with Johnny K, he brought all of his equipment in a trailer to my studio and we set it all up, and it sounded amazing,” he said. “The last record [“The Illusion of Progress”] and this record were recorded in my barn. We didn’t waste any money converting it into a studio, we just moved everything in. This time, instead of him bringing his stuff, we just gave him a credit card and he bought everything that he had brought last time like all of the vintage compressors, plug-ins and all of that stuff, amps, everything, he just went out and bought it all again.”

Nowadays, Staind have their own studio and “all of the studio equipment we could possibly need.” As Lewis explains, “We have everything that we need for recording and we’ve done two records there, in that exact same spot using that exact equipment which sounds as good if not better than any record we have done in a high-end studio. You could go to NRG in Los Angeles, which is $3,000 a day, or you could invest some money and have something that you can use over and over again.” Staind are set to set off on a North American tour in April. The complete list of the Staind’s 2012 tour dates is on the band’s artist page. (Courtesy photo.)


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