Stone Temple Pilots’ Previously Unreleased ‘Cinnamon’ Video Surfaces


Story by Cat Badra

Throwaway video for ‘Cinnamon’ appears online

Back in the summer of 2010, Scott Weiland and his alternative grunge-rock band Stone Temple Pilots taped a video for their upbeat track “Cinnamon,” but after the tape rolling and editing had wrapped, they just didn’t like the video. So, the guys decided to re-shoot the clip with a different director and released a completely different “Cinnamon” video– one that was more to their liking.

But, there is a time when most hidden things are brought to light, and this week, that original video surfaced online. Check out the clip below. The track was the third single off Stone Temple Pilots’ 2010 self-titled comeback album.

This version of “Cinnamon” has the band guys getting their groove on at a house party of sorts. Weiland seems a bit disinterested in the surroundings and just not in the best of spirits. Perhaps it’s a statement on the emptiness of stardom– that juxtaposition of having all one could ever want, but still feeling empty inside? Who knows, but if the guys weren’t happy with how the video turned out, changes are the video’s theme isn’t really all that clear.

In other Pilots news, this year will bring the 20th anniversary of band’s debut full-length, “Core.” The set — which arrived Sept. 29, 1992 — went on to score the band a harvest of grunge classics, including “Plush,” “Dead and Bloated,” “Creep,” “Sex Type Thing” and “Wicked Garden.” To celebrate the seminal release, the group have stated they hope to tour and possibly put together a new album this year.

Watch Stone Temple Pilots’ Previously Unreleased ‘Cinnamon’ Video:


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