The Black Keys Discuss Odd Alternative to ‘Gold on the Ceiling’ Video


Story by Charles Ken

Watch the Black Keys’ latest music video for ‘Gold on the Ceiling’

If you’ve checked out the Black Keys’ latest video for “Gold on the Ceiling,” you know it rocks like few other Black Keys clips. That’s because instead of the usual ridiculously hilarious footage of a security guard dancing or whatever else the Keys dream up, “Gold on the Ceiling” is a pretty straight-forward, rockin’ live take. Watching the clip is like being right at a Keys show.

Of course, the Keys weren’t necessarily planning on a “normal” video for “Gold on the Ceiling,” so to speak. As it turns out, the Akron, Ohio-based blues-rock duo recorded a whole other music video with quirky director Harmony Korine that involved the guys dressing up as babies. Say what?

“We did a video with Harmony, but it’s not really for ‘Gold on the Ceiling,’” frontman Dan Auerbach told MTV News. It’s for whatever music we want to put to it. Pretty much we just let Harmony get self-indulgent, do his thing. Pat and I are dressed up like babies, in onesies, and we’re in Baby Björns being carried by giants who have our faces. And he also had the ATL Twins in it…”

Auerbach and Patrick Carney were pretty ambiguous when asked if and when the footage will ever see the light of day, but knowing the Black Keys, it’ll come out before too long. In the meantime, check out the Keys’ real video for “Gold on the Ceiling” below, and let us know if you think it’s hip enough to sit alongside the duo’s past clips in the comments area.

Watch the Black Keys’ Video for ‘Gold on the Ceiling’:


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