Courtney Love Calls Former Hole Guitarist Eric Erlandson ‘Family’


Story by Charles Ken

Courtney Love on Eric Erlandson’s new book: ‘I wish him well’

Courtney Love is giving former Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson her blessing to go ahead with his upcoming book about Kurt Cobain’s suicide and the aftermath that followed. In an interview with the New York Daily News, the grunge singer stated that she’s okay with him releasing the book, so long as he doesn’t mention any juicy details about their romance together.

“I wish him well,” she said in the interview. “Even more than Dave [Grohl] and [Krist] Novoselic, Eric was family… I just hope he didn’t write that we dated. We had sex, yes, but I don’t date.”

Erlandson’s upcoming book, titled “Letters To Kurt,” will arrive April 8, just a few days after the 18th anniversary of the day the world lost tragically lost Cobain at the age of 27. The 52-chapter, 120-page hardcover release will be consist of “poetry, prose and free association” and will embrace “reflections on rock ‘n’ roll, drug abuse and the loss of Cobain.”

“This will make a beautiful book for anyone who loved Nirvana and Hole and the time and place when their music changed everything,” promises an official statement on the release. “Ultimately, it’s an elegy for Kurt and the ‘suicide idols’ who tragically fail to find salvation in their amazing music…. [It’s] a poetic elegy for Kurt Cobain from the man who created the band Hole with Cobain’s wife Courtney Love.” Are you stoked to get your hands on this Cobain tribute? Let us know in the comments area, below.


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