Kittie’s Original Lineup Making Plans to Reunite


Story by Cat Badra

All-female metal band plotting reunion

Kittie fans, you might want to sit down to take in this one. The all-female metal group is reportedly talking about getting together their original lineup — Morgan Lander (vocals), Mercedes Lander (drums), Fallon Bowman (guitar) and Tanya Candler (bass) — and playing some reunion shows that would present the quartet playing their 1999 debut, “Spirit,” from front to back!

The band Tweeted the news yesterday (Marcy 17) via their official Twitter account: “If we did shows with the original lineup (@fallonbowman, @TanyaCandler) and played all of ‘Spit’ in its entirety, would you come? And where?” Fans responded enthusiastically: “OMG SO THERE! and Toronto or London would be a great place for this,” Tweeted one excited fan.

In a previous interview with Rock Music Star, Kittie vocalist Morgan Lander explained that the band doesn’t really pay attention to what’s going on in the metal world when making band decisions or writing new music, so it seems this reunion idea is Kittie. “Um…, to be honest with you, I’m not really aware of what is going on with the current scene,” she said. “Obviously, I listen to some of the bigger bands like Mastodon and stuff like that. But, that’s so far removed from what we do musically that it would be stupid to rip them off.

“We really don’t pay attention. For us, we do what feels right. In terms of evolution, with every recording we get better as a band and better as musicians. What you are hearing is the evolution of the band.” Are you stoked at the idea of Kittie’s original lineup reuniting?


Cat Badra
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