Maynard James Keenan Comments on New Music from Tool, A Perfect Circle


Story by Anne Erickson

Keenan on new music: ‘When something is actually happening, there will be no doubt it’s happening’

Maynard James Keenan recently answered the prayers of thousands of Tool fans by booking a return trek for the legendary prog-rock band for earlier this year. The tour, which wrapped up last month, featured Tool playing their catalog of hits, yet the tour didn’t bring a new album from the gents.

Now, Keenan is fielding questions regarding possible new music on the way from Tool and his other rock band, A Perfect Circle, and unfortunately, his answer isn’t something that gives fans of either band the hope of hearing new tracks anytime soon.

“You will know when I do. That’s all I can say,” Keenan told the QMI Agency when asked about possible new music from either Tool or A Perfect Circle. “A lot of times I’ll say something because somebody is pressuring me to give them some answer, and then that answer gets turned into a fact, and then details get added and before I know it, I’ve just released a new record. So no, I have nothing to tell you. When something is actually happening, there will be no doubt it’s happening.”

Keenan, who’s currently out on the road with Puscifer, added that it’s not always easy for him to dig into his back catalog of hits and recreate the feelings and expressions he had when he was writing some of those tracks in his 20s. “ …Don’t get me wrong; I am proud of what I’ve done with those projects,” he said. “But a 50-year-old dude trying to pretend like he’s a 27-year-old angry dude? That’s just kind of depressing. Whatever I was scratching back then to try to sort out, if I haven’t sorted it out by now, whoever’s listening must feel doomed.”




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